iPics (interactive Pictures Manager)

based on concept: multi-touch alternative for single-touch mobile devices - zoom/rotate/pan control


key functions:
-multi-touch alternative for single-touch mobile devices (zoom/rotate/pan controls)
-3 difrent scripted slideshow
-chaos order (thumbs allover the screen, like a pile of real photos thrown on a table)
-photo grouping (create/rename groups, add/remove photos to groups)
-kinetic movements
-autoscroll when drag photos
-autosave custom arrangement (groups and photo arrangements)
-grid/chaos order toggle
-64 photos load in each group without breaking day photo session
-trace view
-zoomIn/zoomOut view
-settings window
-publish to OVI - in progress

support page

s60 5th - ActionScript Media Management Service API used for getting PathAndFileName
latest FL needed (version 3.1)
latest firmware V51.0.006
Nokia 5800 Express Music

to see all your photos please run the nokia galery (which will make all the thumbs for your photos)

drawbacks (not related with flashLite programming):
-the thumbs are not made from the aplications, have to run gallery to make the thumbs for us...

for any problem, information or support please contact us at support@ilook.ro