iWidget - support

widget for nokia touch phones optimized for 360x640

download from: http://w.ilook.ro

iWidget - interactive widget
we wanted a configurable tool to always be informed
- your feed from their feeds
- homeScreen Widget view - 4 in one (weather,currency convertor, feeds, entertainment corner) 
- content cache every 15min
- feeds combined in server side (the news pages are prepared in server side and the user reads minimal amount of data (the user can chose not to see content, or see content striped in plain text, or in HTML))
- romanian and international version
- application feed from ilook, our applications in testing...
- updatable without user downloading (since the entire app is online, we update the app with new functions and user gets instantly)
- light weight - under 50K, a page feeds may be under 5k(titles only), miniView update under 5K.
- back-end platform: php-mysql (http://w.ilook.ro - only works from widget environment - will upgrade to work from any browser (will use cookies instead of setPreferenceForKey) )
- front-end platform: widget, HTML, CSS, javascript, AJAX
- maybe upgrade as stand alone .swf rich effects version in the future (maybe without back-end --- the app will run slow - read all entire feeds over network)

weather - 1st up button

yahoo weather, in configure chose from capitals of the world, or find your city ID on weather.yahoo.com
or weather from google if you enter the name of the city instead the yahoo cityID

currency exchange with convertor - 2nd up button

chose a primary currency and two secondary currencies and see the exchange rates. 
convertor - converts any currency (source: themoneyconverter.com)

news - 3rdup button
-filter on multiple feeds as one feed
-filter function may be used as a tool for media monitoring
-configure how mutch feeds you view per page, make a list of your feeds and activate whichever you want at a certain time... - maybe now you are in the mood to read about sports and gadgets... so select your sports and gadget from your list of feeds 
-chose to see only title, title with text content, title with HTML content

entertainment - ilook - 4th up button

our applications currently developing free to test and play with

preview page - 1st down button - active only when in news section
next page - 2nd down button - active only when in news section

CONFIGURING - 3rd down button

-can chose between Fahrenheit to Celsius
-can write city name (in this case the weather is from google), or write city ID from weather.yahoo.com
-hit the "save settings" button to save the settings
-can chose primary currency(the currency you use), and exchange currency 1 and 2 - the exchange currency rates are showned in 2nd up button
-titles per page - how many news is showed on a page
-include description - if is unselected only the news titles are showed
-HTML view - if is unselected the description is text only (no formating, no images, no links in description)
-feeds - your feed is made from this list of feeds; you can view(view its news titles) or erase a feed
-add feed - add a feed; you can only enter the website, and if the site has meta tags for RSS the app will automaticaly find the RSS feed; once you add a feed, you must press "save settings" to see the feed in the list... you can enter multiple feeds, and then press "save settings"; after "save settings" you must reload the settings (press again settings button - 3rd down button)
-enter your filter - you can enter a keyword or a phrase to filter feeds; the filter is non caseSensitive and for example if the filter is "word1 word2 word3" the news with only "word1" is not showed, not even "word1 wordX word2 word3" for example... will upgrade search engine if required...
-refresh time - the time the aplication refreshes the data, the feeds... the server has a 15 min so is useless to enter a lower value
-press "save settings" to save the settings
-nothing to configure

EXIT - 4th down button

contact: support@ilook.ro

for any problem, information or support please contact us at support@ilook.ro